How it all Happens in the Making of the Best Creative Medals

Our Qualities

Yiwu Aijie is renowned for the great and unique products we make of the best designs that are empowering the world in celebratory glory. Enhancing the feeling of the cherishing moments. We supply all our products to many businesses in the world with perfect customization and branding to represent their qualities, while ensuring each and every item is of the best quality through running manual quality checks by every piece. All items are can be produced with OEM where we customize the product as the client desire.

Yiwu Aijie as a leading Yiwu trading company supplies the best products throughout the world. We make sure to stay in touch with responsibility throughout the entire process until the end product is safely handed over to the client.

How it Happens

Get to know what it takes and what we do to provide you with the best products at all times with high quality and full customization for your need.


Our unique and iconic showroom contains all of the life’s work of Yiwu Aijie along with many other great and glamorous products up for grabs.


The designing process of all medals are done by the professional designers dedicated to meet the client requirements with all customizations.


Molding of the Medals is done starting with creating the Mold, ensured to be precise in the design and then creating the medals with it.


Once the medal is made through the mold, then comes adding the glamour to it through enhancing the color and through applying a coat of die.


A medal is truly a medal when it bears the rightful shine. The polishing process is done to ensure the best and the vibrant look is coming out of all medals.


Adding even further glamour to the medal, a stoning coating of metallic color later is applied to the medal through the process of electroplating.


And finally the protective layer that preserves the glamorous look applied to the medals, is applied for a long lasting and non fading look in the medal.


As much as the medal bring the rightful glamour into the celebration, the ribbon attached to it brings the class. The ribbon is attached to the medal to make it happen.


Now is when the real class it added into the medal. The custom design you require is engraved into all the medals with utmost precision through laser.


All the finished medals are packed in an airtight plastic cover to protect it from any exposure to the fluctuating atmospheric conditions.


And finally, the entire the batch of medal that are produced in high quality are packed into boxes, ready to be shipped to the client locations.