Extending the Helpful Hand to Make the World Happier

Giving Back to Humanity

Like a tree grows from a seed that’s hidden in the soil, Yiwu Aijie too grew to the big tree we are today starting off as a small plant coming from a small seed. And we believe there are many other such great potentials in the world hidden in our own societies who can do big and serve humankind with honesty, integrity, and motivation. But not all of them have the luck to take the steps that it takes to be on the way there. We are a brand that gives it back to the lives who struggle and dream to do big in the world.

Our charity service has donated so much to humanity in the world helping them to grow with their dreams and become big trees like us one day. We are constantly giving back to the societies in the world, fulfilling our responsibilities as human beings who share the earth with everyone and everything else, by “spreading loving-kindness”.