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Personalised medals better than ready-made for a business?

Personalised medals always have the upper hand in displaying individual tastes. So yes, personalised medals are better than ready-made ones. However, in case the tailor-made ones did not turn out the way you wanted, that’s a big problem. That can make you think “why did I not buy a ready-made one!” And when you are purchasing in greater quantities, that can become a real waste, if you do not find your medals appealing to you, to the winners, or to anybody else. But a custom-designed medal purchased at the right spot is always a better choice than purchasing a ready-made set. Let’s find out why a custom medal is an ideal choice especially for businesses and events related. 

Personalised medals have the custom logo and engraving options

A ready-made medal does not offer this option for you. It’s a fact that we restate here because it needs emphasis. They simply do not. So you are at a disadvantage if you pick the easy-peasy ready-made medal for your event. Personalised medals give you the advantage of having your logo and other engraving options on the medal. Having your logo on the medal is a must for a business event with an award ceremony. 

Usually, appreciating the high-performers at your space has an underlying intention of promoting your brand, which is an absolute must. It also is a way of encouraging your employees for better performance. So, utilizing that space of appreciation, therefore, is necessary to tell people about your brand. Your brand logo is a highlight here. And you can utilize the medal itself to place your brand there. You can choose to do variations in your design by adjusting it to fit your logo and vice versa. For more ideas on designing, refer to these medals and be inspired on how you can include your logo in the medal design and how to design with your logo and other engraving options on the medal. 

You can customize them for different shapes

Customizing the shape of your medal could be an attractive choice and is also uniquely attached to personalised medals designing. People prefer the old-school circular shape just because they are not exposed to different other unique shapes we can incorporate in designing medals. With personalised medals, we have the opportunity to switch from that typical circular shape to different other shapes of your choice. 

personalised medals

Other than changing the outer lining to change the shape of your medal, you can also try cutting and removing parts from the inside of the medal to give it a unique balance. You can be as creative as you want with your medal. Because it is all customized for you. You can check out some amazing shape alterations done within the body here. As you go down many variations, you would realize that you cannot play around and explore very many shapes like this, if you purchased a ready-made medal.  But with a personalised medals manufacturer offering these options, you can create very unique medals made right for your brand.

Ribbon customization is also available

The ribbon is also huge incorporation to the medal. Personalised medals in designing have this opportunity to customize the ribbon, unlike the ready-made ones. However, medal ribbons go untouched many a times. It’s true that designing minimally is more elegant. So give it a minimal design with something that you want to display, something that represents your brand. Yes, keep it minimal but do not forget it. Because you get the chance to design your own designs only on personalised medals. With ready-made ones you have to pick what is already there in display and go with a vibe that sometimes may not even relate to your brand persona. That’s another reason why personalised medals are better than ready-made ones.

You can pick the material you want

With ready-made medals, once again you have to go with whatever material the medals are made of. You cannot argue their quality, durability, and many other features good materials can offer to you. However, personalising your medals with a manufacturer offering very many features to customize, including the material allows you to pick the features that you want to incorporate for your brand. The material you choose can represent your brand’s good name. And speak for its high-quality, strength and durability, luxury touch, look and feel and much more. 

You have to check with your manufacturer about the options they have and go with what you want for your brand. 

Make your budget plans for personalised medals

Buying custom medals is economical. The reason why we put it that way is that ready-made medals, even if they may have a price tag a little lower than the custom, actually may not be economical as it seems. The price includes the quality it offers, durability it offers. And many more features that tag alongside it. With personalised medals, you have the opportunity to pick the features you are looking to represent your brand. Whereas, with a ready-made medal you could be paying for stuff that you don’t want.

Also the stuff that you want could be missing in the ready-made medal you purchase. To avoid this ruckus for your own good, we recommend that you choose to buy personalised medals over ready-made medals. The benefit of purchasing in greater quantities of personalised medals is even more. Purchasing wholesale can actually take down the unit price. That way you can save even more money while accumulating the best options you can. 

Personalised medals can offer a high value

Together with all the customization options available for personalised medals, they gradually account for a high value that cannot be taken from a ready-made medal. A personalised medal lets you have the opportunity to put your logo and engrave a phrase or tagline that is very unique to you. With such options available and when you utilize them to your advantage, you can embed emotional values in your medals. 

personalised medals

Asking “what is a medal for?” is not even a question. But when you really think about it, it is a token of appreciation. However, it cannot be just another piece of metal. It needs to show how much you care and value the winners, high-performers, your employees, customers, etc. And a right medal will always make the recipient feel proud whenever they see the medal. When they can always explain to the seers that “this is where I got this medal from”, “this is the brand that offered me this medal” then that’s a winner’s medal. They are high-value medals. You barely can do this with a ready-made medal. 

That’s why personalised medals are always the coolest option. But you also have to be careful to find ways to embed that emotional value into your medals so as to give them a high value. 

Where can you find a manufacturer for personalised medals?

All in all, it all comes to one. No matter how beneficial it is to do personalised medals over ready-made medals if you screw it you screw it. The one-way you could screw it is when you do not know who to go, to get your medals. A manufacturer does a really important job here. They should not only provide a gamut of options to customize but should also help you in the design. Because the design is the prominent part here. If you want an answer to the “Who is that manufacturer” question here, it’s none other than Aijie.

They have been doing this for the longest time and now provide for even Olympic events. With the coolest inventive design line, Aijie showcases its design line. And you can see it if you visit here. Aijie designers are killing the designing game. And for the best prices, you shouldn’t look anywhere else. Their prices are highly competitive and you cannot think of a better option when you think about personalising your medals. 

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