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Marathon Medals Design Inspiration & Concerns

Is it difficult to find inspiration to design your marathon medals? It could be. Sometimes you run out of time just trying to put an idea together. Giving a storyline to your medal could be that hard sometimes. That is of course unless you are a pro designer. Sometimes pros go blank without an idea too. However, involving yourself in the event, there come times where your input is necessary to design your marathon medals. Even if you are not necessarily a designer yourself or going to do the entire designing part. 

The event you plan has a story behind it. The best way to pitch it is to ask the famous “Why” question. So, why are we holding this marathon event? Is the central question. When that question tells you a story. You also get an idea about the story you are going to write for your marathon medals. 

Let’s now converge the story pitching into multiple highlight points of your main storyline. That is to find the winning design of your marathon medals. Down here, you will uncover some insights to pick inspirational design ideas for your marathon medals. And other concerns of perfecting your design into a physically appealing token of congratulations.

Colors & Features of your marathon medals

Colors and significant contributing features make THE DESIGN  of your marathon medals. Even at the elementary level of your design. It is very important that you pay much attention to the colors and significant features of your marathon medals. You can undoubtedly deviate from folk gold, silver, bronze style and create your own vibe. However, the stereotype is much venerated and valued for centuries. Say you want to break away from the loop. Then you need to make your medals extra special with the color combination you adopt. Otherwise, your color pick can ruin your design altogether. 

Marathon medals

Your storyline itself may speak your colors for your marathon medals. And vibing on that same color can help display the event specifics. Such as the theme of the event and such. If it evokes a very singular personality, you can again use unique colors to reflect many and unique traits and attitudes. 

However, most designers prefer to amalgamate the traditional way of things with modern twists. And they remain appreciating the value people have given to gold, silver, and bronze colors in their medals. While incorporating modern twists. These modern twists could be anything. From new carving and engraving styles to unique shapes and embossing designs and letters and many more. 

One thing that can help you be uniform in the vibe without diverging into multiple scenarios and then mess the design. You can always remind yourself of the backstory of the event. And always justify every step and approach of your design. With a bearing to the backstory. That will immensely help you to stay uniform in your design. And finally, have a singular story to your marathon medals. 

Marathon medals designed in the right quality

Quality is a huge part of not just marathon medals, but any medal as a matter of fact. As we called it to your attention, the importance of having a unique story to your event so as to make your marathon medal unique, you also have to fuse the idea of you appreciating the winners. You can appreciate them for their dedication, sacrifices, discipline, and such qualities through your marathon medals. The most apparent way of doing so is to keep up to a superb quality standard. A piece that the athlete feels for themselves is a valued piece. A piece they want to treasure is the right piece. 

 Acquiring high-quality material, whatever the type of material it be, is the ultimate choice here. Also, picking the perfect quality will reflect your person, institution, and brand of your calibre. Your marathon medals should ultimately encourage the athletes for the coming events. And should encourage those who did not join to join the next event. So, resorting to the perfect quality is always a rewarding choice both instantaneously and in the long run. 

Let them see you in your marathon medals

The design inspired by the backstory is a must. However, you cannot always go, reciting your story to people even if that is the very story of yours. So to make people see your brand, you need to embed your logo in between all the other necessary information. Including the event reflecting icon such as a runner image, etc. 

Not including the logo is never a recommended option. However, you also need to be mindful in order to not overdo or overload the overall design with the logo. The story inspired design should complement your logo on the marathon medals and vice versa. Therefore, even if it’s a very hyped-up event that you organize, the recommendation is to always incorporate your logo in the design of your marathon medals. Because, in the long run, one glance at the medal should and will instantaneously bring out the name of your brand. 

Can you get your marathon medals custom designed?

aijie logo

Absolutely, yes! Custom-made marathon medals are not something many manufacturers would offer. But it is not hard to find the best in the industry either. Yiwu Aijie offers the highest quality custom marathon medals for competitive prices. 

The undertaking of organizing a marathon event is that designing your marathon medals come attached to it. But Aijie designers claim that most of the time customers have more marketing intentions than a story per se. And therefore, at times when there’s no story for the customers, Aijie even creates stories for them in the design. 

What you should appreciate in a designer is that they are willing to help you create a design that reflects your brand. And most importantly, they embed your ideas in the design to your satisfaction. Aijie does just that. It comes with their service for designing and manufacturing marathon medals and a variety of other products. 

Aijie products are of premium quality standards. They have established their reputation in the market and today, widely known among popular brands for high quality medal manufacturing. Like I said, building a story could be tiring at times. And in the midst of numerous other work. You may drain your brain coming up with a design, creating a story plus plus plus. So, to keep things happening on time, in the right quality, to everybody’s satisfaction, you can contact Aijie. They will get right back to you ASAP always with a better plan, better design, and better product marathon medals. 

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