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Learn How Enamel Pins Are Made

In this article, you will learn how enamel pins are made. Because enamel pins are very popular among the crowds. The initial popularity of enamel pins began decades ago. However, in recent years, people started to wear enamel pins always. So what are enamel pins?. An enamel pin is a metal pin with a decorative enamel on it. The pin is usually made of steel or aluminum. Sometimes people give another name for these pins. Some call it lapel pins. People attach these pins to their clothes, bags, or any fabric. It brings individuality to people. Some use pins to express themselves. However, these pins are becoming a piece of jewelry in a way. These pins can be anything you desire. There are so many designs and shapes and sizes. Most importantly you can customize when purchasing.

Why enamel pins are popular

Before we find out how enamel pins are made, let’s see why they are popular. These pins are a vital part of the recent generations. Especially in the USA and European countries. They use these pins all the time. There is no particular age limit for this. Everyone likes enamel pins as it gives a new look. Also, these pins give a refreshing look to your outfits. Wearing a pin at a wedding makes you stand out. Especially you can wear a funny quote or individual preference statement. There are many pins out there. People use them to make a statement. But some people just use it because it looks good. Also, they are very affordable. Anyone can purchase them online or in stores. If you like you can simply buy a pin for a small amount of money easily.

Mostly these pins are acceptable in business settings. For example, you can easily wear a pin at the office. No one criticizes you for that. Also, it is a way of expressing your opinions. It doesn’t make anyone annoyed. However, some do not like the idea of enamel pins.  When you are wearing a suit there is nothing really you can do to express yourself. The only way is to wear an enamel pin. How these pins are made is an important question.

how enamel pins are made


In order to see how these pins are made, we need to go to the first step. Design is a big part of the enamel pins. Without the initial design or overall design. Enamel pins become unwearable. Most people wear enamel pins because they have an elegant outlook on them. Creating a proper design ensures the final product is elegant. Always focus the simplicity when designing the pins. Because when trying to create a complicated design it can become a mess. Also with practice, you can manage to create complex designs. Make sure to use bold lines and stand out strong colors. Otherwise, the pin doesn’t stand out from a distance. The most important thing about the pin is being special. If your pin doesn’t give you any attention. It becomes useless. Always make sure to avoid shading.

Any type of shading with color is impossible at the moment. Therefore always avoid that. Determining exactly what you want is really vital. If you are going to design without a clue, it can be messy. Therefore always ask yourself what kind of design you need.

The manufacturing process of the pins


how enamel pins are made

Deciding the material of pins can be tricky. However, this article is all about how enamel pins are made. There are many materials out there that pins can be manufactured. However, most pin-makers go with two methods.

  • Hard enamel pins
  • Soft enamel pins

The hard enamel pins have the basic characteristics of thin metal lines. They are separating each color and give a hard enamel finish. They make these from iron metal and high-temperature heat it. After polishing, it creates a smooth surface. Finally, it gives a durable and high-quality finishing to the pin. When made this day these pins have long longevity. However, soft enamel pins, allow adding more details to the design at a lower cost. That’s why soft pins are really popular. Most of the cartoon or high-detailed-looking pins are soft pins. When it comes to making it, it is quite different. They also use iron metal for this. However, it has a slightly different procedure. It goes through a procedure called electroplate and adds epoxy coating. That is what gives a thinner feel compared to hard enamel pins.

So soft enamel pins have a big demand in the market. The more detail you can add the more demand it gets. With this feature, we can add more high-detail cartoons, movies, or real-life characters to these pins. When you wear your favorite cartoon character it makes you happy. Most importantly it makes you special in a crowd. Not only that but the leaders who you admire. You can wear their face and express your opinions. To finalize this procedure you have to find out what size you want it. Smaller pins have so many advantages. such as,

  • Easy to wear
  • Easy to attach any cloth, bag, or fabric
  • Doesn’t leave large pin holes

Finding the right enamel pins supplier for wholesale

If you are looking for how these pins are made wholesale this is the only guide you need. You can easily find a pin manufacturer online. However, the challenging part is determining their reliability. As with many other products, finding the right place to buy wholesale pins is difficult. There is a number of reasons for that. Because it is so easy to manufacture pins at home if you know the right procedure. But it does not guarantee the quality like Ywaijie does. We always put out customers first and deliver the best durable and high-quality enamel pins. That’s why we have a good reputation when it comes to manufacturing pins. We use the highest quality raw materials. And also we use cutting-edge machinery. Our staff of employees is diligently hard working. We assure you of the quality you are looking for.


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