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How Can You Design Your Own Custom Medals Online?

All of us have seen how beautiful and alluring a well-made medal is on a champion’s neck. Because it glorifies the hard work and determination they carried throughout their lives until that moment. And that is why event organizers find the best custom medals possible for their events. Whether it’s related to sports, corporate, or educational, a custom medal should have the quality of a champion. But there are many misbeliefs around this product as a whole when it comes to buying them online. Because many think that you need to be present and get hold of the medal manufacturer yourself to order them.

However, with this post, you will be able to clear out these misunderstandings. Since this post will inform you what you need to do before buying custom medals online. So later on, when you are planning to buy these medals then you will have all the information with you to take a good decision regarding the purchase.

Therefore, let’s find out the thing you need to consider before you buy medals online. Last but not least, we will also mention a place where you can buy the best medals in the market as of right now where you can purchase online.

4 Things to Consider Before Making Your Medals Online

1. OEM & ODM Service

Before you chose a manufacturer to make your custom medals online, there are two services you need to check if they have or not. Because these two services allow you to make your medal with the manufacturer online. The terms OEM or original equipment manufacturing and ODM or original design manufacturing offer the customer a lot of customizations when creating their products with a manufacturer. So if you do not select a manufacturer who does not have these services, then they are mostly selling pre-built medals. And most pre-built medals are commonly present in many events as they are bought by many.

Therefore it takes the ability to provide a unique medal for all your participants in the event you organize. So if you are buying custom medals, then it is a must to find a manufacturer who provides these two services. Especially, when you are doing this online make sure the medal makers you chose have this ability. And this is the most important factor you need to consider when buying medals online.

2. MOQ

Minimum order quantity or MOQ is what determines the minimum medals the manufacturer can provide per each order. Sometimes there might be manufacturers who provide custom medals at a lower MOQ. Most of the time, if you are buying medals in bulk then the MOQ will be a bit higher. However, it won’t affect much since if you are buying medals for the event there are many participants and winners. So there won’t be an excess of medals lying around when the event is over.

But that does not mean you should pick a manufacturer with a high MOQ. Because firstly, excess custom medals apart from the winners and participants will be useless after the event. Secondly, you will have to allocate a lot of money to buy a large number of excess medals from your event budget. And this is why you need to find a medal supplier that has a flexible MOQ suitable

3. Medal Type, Material, and Design

First and foremost, the most important thing you need to determine is the medal type you want. Because there are many types you need to find the one suitable for your events. Since you should not present a graduation medal at a sporting event. And that is why it is extremely important to know what type of medal you want. You can determine this yourself or ask the manufacturer you select. And they will tell you what type of medal is appropriate for your event.

The next thing you want to consider when it comes to the medal is the materials you want them from. Because there are various materials suitable for making these medals. So you need to consider which type of material will suit the medals you want the most. Again, you can get an expert opinion from the medal manufacturer regarding this factor as well.

Lastly, when it comes to the medal part your design is the most important factor. So you can take the design you want to imprint on the medal to the manufacturer or you can design them however you want through them as well. It is highly recommended to do this with the manufacturer if you are new to designing medals. Because you need to have a clear idea of what can or cannot be imprinted on the medal. After finalizing the medal type, material, and design the next part is the ribbon.

4. Ribbon Material and Design

To make the medal more alluring and glorify a beautiful ribbon is a must-have. And that is why you need to consider what you need with the ribbon as well before buying custom medals online. And again, with this part as well, you can either bring your own ribbon design to the manufacturer or make one with the expert opinion of the medal manufacturer.

Also, you need to determine what type of material you want for the ribbon as well. And you can ask the manufacturer for all the options they have for this material and select one from them. After determining these factors for both the medal and the ribbon, the manufacturer will go ahead with the production.

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Aijie – The Best Place To Buy Custom Medals Online

After reading the above factors listed in the above post, you can understand how important it is to find the right medal supplier to make your custom medals online. And that is why you need to choose your medal supplier wisely before you make your medals. Because if not, then you won’t be able to award high-quality medals at your event.

And that is why you need to put your trust in Aijie the best medal manufacturer on the market. Because we are here to fulfill any of your requirements related to custom medals. And we offer the leading OEM and ODM service in the industry today. So you can make your custom medals online with us without any issue and we will guarantee you that we will provide the best products that are far surpassing our competition.

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