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Graduation Medallions To Graduate With Highest Honors & Colors

There are only a few moments in life that are special as your graduation. Since it is a day that you celebrate all the hard work you put in to achieve your dreams. And that is why everyone wants the perfect graduation after their university days. Because they are not just celebrating their academic success and goals. It is an event to celebrate all the relationships and special moments you gather with everyone you love. So they need to have all the best things to celebrate this moment in their life. And that is why they should have the best graduation medallions that can offer.

Hence, as an awarding party, you should make sure to do everything to make this event special for them. So you need to find a good supplier to buy graduation medallions. Since it is one of the most important things new graduates sort after. Because everyone wants to show off their achievements around their necks with a  medallion. As a result, if you are an awarding party you need to consider some factors before you buy them. So with the help of this article, you will be able to learn exactly that!

What you should consider before you buy graduation medallions?

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Same as any product, you need to have some knowledge about it before you buy. Since it will allow you to find the best product possible out of all in the market. And that is why you should consider the following factors before you buy graduation medallions. While there are many factors to consider, here you will find the most important ones.

  • What is it made out of?

If you are out shopping for anything that you need, one of the first things you check is what is it made out of? Because by checking out this factor, you can get an idea about the quality of the product. So you need to find out what is the material used to make the graduation medallions you buy. Since you cannot award a medallion that is not up to a good standard to the new graduates. But you should consider this only when you are buying premade medallions. Because if you are going to build them from scratch with a supplier, then you can choose a material you like.

  • Is it the perfect size?

A medallion cannot be too small or too large for the wearer. Because it will be unattractive and lose its meaning to the wearers. So it needs to have a perfect size all around. And that will help the medallion to be more highlighted around the wearer’s neck. And also, having a perfect size will allow the graduate to wear them comfortably as well. Because, if the graduation medallion is too long or short the wearer will always have to adjust it while they are at their graduation. And no one likes to always adjust their outfit when you are at a special event or function. Therefore you need to find the right size that matches everyone who attends the ceremony that you organize.

  • The neck ribbon

The ribbon around graduation medallions is also an important part of the medallion. Since it is the thing that holds the medallion in place while the graduate wears it during the ceremony. And it also makes the medallion more colorful and beautiful while giving it a unique feeling. As a result, people look forward to wearing a medallion with a nice neck ribbon. So it is also one of the main things you should consider when you buy. Since you need to find the right supplier that will help you with both the medallion and neck ribbon. Therefore you can buy them both from the same place other than going to two separate sellers.

  • Does the supplier provide OEM & ODM services?

If you want to design custom graduation medallions for a university or an educational institute, then you should check whether if the supplier provides OEM and ODM services. Because you need these services if you need to make the medallion from the scratch. It will allow you to select the material, neck ribbons, and imprints you need from the medallion. For example, you can select whether you are awarding gold or silver medallions with your logos. And that is why it is a popular feature that everyone wants from a medal supplier. Since it will help you to design unique medallions specifically for you other than buying premade ones that many others use.

  • Is the supplier reliable?

If the new batch of the graduation medallions you ordered did not come at the right time, then you are in a lot of problems as an organizer. And that is why you should carefully select a reliable and trustworthy supplier that works on time. Because they will provide the products at the scheduled time without any issues. And they will make sure your order is well received with the quantity you ordered from the first order. But not all the suppliers are the same and have the qualities we listed here. Therefore find out the leaders in the medal-making industry and compare them to carefully select the best option for you before the purchase.

By going through the factors listed above, you can understand the topmost qualities you need from a custom medallion. Because even in times like these, in-person graduation ceremonies have a higher value to the person who graduates. Since it is a special moment in their life that they might never enjoy again in their time. So you need to have perfect custom medallions for your graduates who are about to exit their university days. Therefore to help with your decision, we have one of the leading medallion manufacturers in the industry as a recommendation.

Aijie – Design or buy the best medals or medallions you can find with us!

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Aijie is one of the leading manufacturers of medals and medallions in the industry. With years of experience in this field, we bring you the best products you can buy. Because we make sure all our customers leave with a happy smile on their faces after witnessing our services and products. As a result, we have been able to create a strong and loyal customer base from around the world. And with our ODM and OEM services, you will be able to design the medals and medallions you want from us. While we will also make sure your orders are always on time without a single issue quality-wise or quantity-wise. So contact us today and get all the information you need before you make your first purchase. And have some of the most beautiful and colorful medallions at your graduation ceremonies for your new graduates to enjoy!



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