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Custom Medals – Can You Make Your Own Medals?

The simple answer is YES since there are no restrictions when it comes to making your medals. You do not need a special license or permission to order some custom medals for relevant occasions. But the ultimate question of whether can you make your medals do come with certain questions. Because ultimately you won’t have enough resources and machinery to make your medals lying around. And that is why people tend to gather around custom medal manufacturers to make their medals. Since this is the best way to get a beautiful set of medals for the events and special occasions you organize. However, there are some factors you need to make sure of before going to your manufacturer. Because these factors will determine how you will make your medals through the manufacturer.

Since not many do not know about these factors, their end products are much lower in quality. So to avoid this for future medal buyers, we are writing this article as someone who is in the business for a long time. And this small post will contain all the information you need to consider before buying medals. Therefore your future purchases will go smoothly without a single issue, this will help you to provide some of the best medals for the participants in your events and occasions.

3 Things to Consider Before You Make Your Custom Medals

1. What Type of Event do You Organize?

First and foremost, you need to determine what type of event you organize. Because you do not want to award a military commemorative medal at an athletic festival. So the design matters the most and the factor that you need to consider to do this smoothly is the type of event you organize. Therefore first make to categorize the event you organize before selecting a design for your custom medal. But still, this isn’t enough information before you go to design. If you were to hurry this process and go to the design stage quickly, then you won’t be able to design a beautiful medal. Hence, the end product will be a generic medal that does not even match the event you organize. To avoid this, keep in mind that you need to be patient and gather all the requirements and ask the right questions yourself.

2. The Type of Participants in Your Events

You should also consider the participants and winners of your events occasions before designing the medal as well. Because you cannot provide a medal suitable for kids to a grown adult. And this is where many go astray as they won’t consider what type of participant their winners are to select an appropriate medal for them. So you can find many fancy and childish medals on events that are completely unsuitable for them. You need to completely avoid these situations as an organizer because your reputation is on the line here. Due to these reasons, considering the type of participants in your events has become a major factor that you need to consider before making custom medals.

3. Awarding Brand

Lastly, you need to consider your brand as the awarding party when making custom medals. Because you need to attach the brand flavors to the medal to bring more awareness. And this has become a natural thing as time goes by when it comes to events and occasions. So you can find brand logos and colors in many famous medals you see every day. And this can be done through medal design and even the ribbons can come into play when bringing out brand awareness of the awarding party. Major institutes and standards that award medals do this to increase their brands since there are many benefits to doing this. For example, the participant will always remember who awarded this medal each time they look at it or remember winning. The high demand for custom medals is a direct result of this situation as awarding parties need brand awareness.

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Choosing The Right Manufacturer

After considering these few factors, now it’s time for choosing a manufacturer. But there are some special characteristics you need to have in a custom medal manufacturer to design the medal you want. So services like OEM and ODM should be necessary for the manufacturer to offer. Because these services offer the maximum customization ability to the buyer to make custom medals they want. And that is why you need to find a manufacturer that has both of these services in its arsenal. Also, having flexible MOQs and competitive prices are added advantages when considering the right manufacturer. Keep in mind that there are many medal suppliers out there that provide faulty products that have low quality. So most of the time quality of the custom medals you want to buy depends on the manufacturer. But we have the answer for you to escape all these concerns right here.


Aijie – The Best Place To Make Your Custom Medals

After reading the above post, you can understand how important it is to find the right medal supplier to make your custom medals online. And that is why you need to choose your medal supplier wisely before you make your medals. Because if not, then you won’t be able to award high-quality medals at your event.

And that is why you need to put your trust in Aijie the best medal manufacturer on the market. Because we are here to fulfill any of your requirements related to custom medals. And we offer the leading OEM and ODM service in the industry today. So you can make your custom medals online with us without any issue and we will guarantee you that we will provide the best products that are far surpassing our competition.


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