Custom made medallions

Custom made Medallions – To Celebrate Individual Success

Not all people want the same thing. Whether it’s a physical product or a service, customization can bring great value and can touch someone’s feelings to make them feel good and appreciated. Prime examples of a token of appreciation are custom-made medallions. As we all know, one of the best ways to keep anyone inspired – motivated and above all – to improve employee and customer retention is to provide recognition. This may come in many forms, such as providing them with incentives, giving awards, bonuses, and much more.

Unlike bonuses and incentives, which we can easily forget because they come and go, something like a personalized medal gives the bearer lasting and great value. This is mainly because it’s a physical item with value that acts as a memoir and symbolizes great achievement. And when it’s personally custom-made for them! Any better idea to guarantee their loyalty towards you?

Not only for employees, presenting custom-made medallions to very important customers or partners can be hugely beneficial too. What are those benefits you may ask? Well, the customer is the king. If you still don’t get it – that’s not good news! Help yourself with the list below and understand the benefits and advantages to make a note of. Benefits gained by presenting custom medallions to literally anyone! Especially to those who make use of a human workforce to run their business.

Boosts Morale

It’s a fact that over 60% of the employees and team members don’t feel appreciated for the hard work that they put in. But recognizing their work can increase their satisfaction with their job or the service you receive. Giving custom awards to them, especially in difficult times, will definitely boost their morale. It will keep them motivated for all the good work coming.

Custom made medallions

Improves Trust

We all know that employee or customer loyalty is something that has to be earned and not bought or expected without appreciation. But recognizing and accepting a loyal customer or an employee can never hurt the well-being of you or your business. It’s highly likely that the customer or employee will pass this customized medallion for generations to come. And that is with emotion-packed memories attached to it. That is one great way to solidify a memorable brand for centuries.  


Improves Relationship between customers or employees

Presenting the customer or employee with a custom-made ornament shows that you value them. It also allows the company to have a personal bond with the employee or customer. This in turn will improve their loyalty towards you and account for a high rate of customer retention.


Tangible Proof of Achievement

Presenting them with custom-made medallions can amplify the good feelings that a person gets when he/she receives a compliment. This will influence the person to be better in terms of skills, work ethics, and even in his / her overall life patterns. Go better – do better each day every day – when they see their appreciation medallion.


Something to work for

It’s human nature to work hard for something if they get something in return. Understanding these innate feelings of human nature is key to every business growth and success. It may be a customer or even an employee. Giving recognition with a physical custom-made medal or pendant for what they do to the company growth or what they buy from the company can drive them to do or buy more.

Furthermore, it has become a tradition for companies too to give away award medallions to their employees and even customers. Companies that understand the importance of their employees’ service and their customers’ loyalty. Almost every company in the world presents their employees with custom-designed medals and custom engraved medallions to celebrate their employees’ performance. And that helps to increase employee retention and enhanced serviceability.

Hard work

Military & Sports

When we think of Medallions and Pendant Medals, the military is always on the topic. The military is one of the first to initiate giving away medals as a form of appreciation of service and to mark the recognition for military ranks. These medals consist of a ribbon and a custom-made medallion. For them, it’s a mark of honor for heroism, meritorious or outstanding service or achievement. And they would strive before they thrive just to have one to their name.

What about sport? Achievement in sports is always gratified in a medal or a cup with some other gifts.

But a medal is the hallmark. You go about putting it over the achiever’s head on their neck to fall it down! They are so proud and honored. Customize them to represent your brand, event, or occasion which will give more value to it. Olympic medals for instance are customized to detail and design and make. And that is necessary. Because each sport event, if it is distinguished in the most precious award for the achiever – that’s going to speak a lot for the event. Also your brand and other particulars.

Custom made medallions


If a medallion is your choice to appreciate your people – a personalized version of it is ideal. It speaks to the achiever’s emotions and in return adds value to your brand. To power up that celebration you can come up with creative designs or let a designer do the designing. For an amazing design, you can contact the creative medal makers of Ywaijie.

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