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Think about all the combat sports and what is the picture in your mind? Perhaps your star performer in the game but most importantly, the belt is there in your head already. The championship belt in combat sports is almost everything to the sport. That is the highlight of the game. After all, the biggest ovation in the entire game goes off at the time the champion receives the custom made championship belts. That is how important a custom-made championship belt could be to the sport. These combat sports took over the world like a flash. The impact was everywhere. It expanded to minor state games from massive battles that are telecasted on WWE. Is that all?

Nope! It grew even bigger. Enough to conquer the kids’ world with champions being their heroes! Toy belts are all over the stores. During the game time, stores are flooding because fans literally become fanatics! So, be it the big national or international game, minor state game, or a knock-off at the toy store, it better be a super good custom-made championship belt if you want it to be well received by your target audience.

If it is a custom-made championship belt – but a bad one at that matter!

custom made championship belts

History has recorded few of the best and the worst championship belts. Boxing was the main game but wrestling took over the stage with some iconic custom made championship belts. But, what happened to some of the belts? Some of them became the best and few others became the worst in history. Some even underwent few alterations to get them to be more pleasing, accepted, and practiced. Remember the WWE 24/7 title? How do you like the championship belt? Argh! It was a sore point to the designer. It was not very well-received by the fans. Especially when it is a promotional game, you have to put much attention on the belt and get the perfect custom made champion belts from the best designer.

Say why you need a better designer for custom made championship belts?

custom made championship elts

  • Super good quality custom made championship belts represents your brand

Sport on the outside is entertainment and the hype of an era. But on the inside, it is a promotional game. Especially combat sports like wrestling and boxing. These can conquer the world game like none other. So when you do it, you got to do it right. The underlying force of all championship battles is a brand. So representing it better at a better place is not a choice but a must. When championship belts have had both good and bad times in history you can take insights from there to better design yours and make it a success. Check out some of the best and the worst championship belts to have ever existed in the past decade.

While you can work your way to represent your brand throughout the game, if it is a failure at the belt, it is an overall failure. When the champion hoists the belt up in the air, let the world see your brand in there. What you need here is nothing more than a reputed designer to do a custom-made championship belt for you. So make sure you pick the right one.

  • Custom made championship belts grants you the freedom of creativity

One thing that is absolutely amazing about getting custom awards, medals, and custom made championship belts is that you have the freedom of creativity in there. The importance of being able to be creative with these award items cannot go unspoken.

  1. First off, you get the chance to put life into your personal design; from color to the shape and to the make and everything.
  2. If you do not have a design of your own, you can get the designer to design a design that represents your likes and goals.
  3. On top of that, you get to decide upon the material you incorporate in the design.
  4. Last but not least, you also get the chance to incorporate as many luxuries as you want in there for a very personalized quota.

So the freedom of creativity is granted. Combat sport is whole another level in the entertainment industry and to emphasize an already mentioned fact again, being creative is not a choice but a must. So manipulating and utilizing your chances of freedom of creativity is a requisite. That is if you want to give something better than before. That is also to make your battlegrounds better than your competitors as well. So when you have the chance, always make sure to grab it and celebrate your freedom of creativity with the best designer of custom made championship belts.

  • A product worth your money

If you go through Jeramie Bizzle’s article you would see how sometimes they had to change the looks of the belts. That was because the original did not work out well as was expected. For you to enjoy your work at the final end you need NOT have things coming back to you for modifications. Moreover, if things require reworking even after the event, that means you throw in another bucket of money for the same thing that you already worked on. To stop that happening to your company, preplan your belt attributes to chalk up an impressive event. So create something that does not have to change over time and is so worth your money.

  • The value

The value that goes into a combat sports title is immense. Even though that can pass down to champions championing at consecutive events the happening moment is happening for the champion. The one way to add value to that title is the championship belt. The event closure constitutes a luxury of time just spotlighting the winner and the belt. So giving that required value and more is much important. The title will be taken more seriously and equally, the importance of the belt is not anything less. And so, concentrating on that fact will eventually allow you to add value to your brand as well.


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All in all, the game cannot finish without a good belt around the champion and him hailing and hoisting the belt in the spotlight. Doing a better job at getting a belt worthy a zealous fervor celebration at the end of the game is everybody’s dream. If you’ve been struggling with that part of your hosting, Ywaijie is the go-to place for custom made championship belts. When you put effort into celebrating your champions, the champion celebrates your brand more and the world follows. Ywaijie custom designs your championship belts in premium quality material. Their name is all around the world with many high-profile clients enjoying their products from all corners of the world. View their championship belts gallery here and see it for yourself. Cheers to another amazing battle round!

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