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All You Need to Do Before Buying Custom Medals

Custom medals and trophies are among the common incentives to boost runners’ morale and other participants during the Olympics or athletics. The cyst race medal business is booming, and there are many bull buyers, especially the corporates. You should know some tips and tricks as a custom race medal customer.
The targets of sellers are usually different from the customers’ needs hence you should be very careful. The sellers’ core aim is usually to get the most from their investment, while the buyers aim to get the best products. You should know all the dos and don’ts of custom race medals before buying one for customers’ safety.
Here’s what you should consider before buying custom running medals:

Type of custom running medals

There are diverse types of custom race medals in the market; hence customers tend to get confused when buying. Before you decide which medal to buy, you should analyze the available and always choose what fits your needs. For instance, if your award is meant for a team, it will be different from the medals meant for individual participants.
Some things to look out for here include;

  • The material used to customize the medal
  • The engraving style or design
  • The shield and the branding

Quality of the Custom Medal

Custom gold medal

Quality has many definitions, but you should ensure that its quality conforms to your expectations when it comes to custom race medals. The first factor to check is the material. For instance, is it gold, bronze, or silver? All these metals are good choices, but they vary; hence you should take your time to make the right choice.
Other medals have some precious metals incorporated in the awards, like gems, diamonds, glass, platinum, acrylics, and crystals. All these materials can add a sparkle to the custom race medals; hence you should be careful while buying.

Look out for the weight and size of the Custom Medal

Winning is a milestone; hence sports winners or athletes deserve high-quality medals. As a buyer, you should choose the weight that fits the best buy. You should keep in mind that quality should outweigh quantity.
Size can confuse buyers but from experts’ view, buying a small but weighty custom race medal is advisable than a huge light medal. When making such a decision, you should also consider your needs, for instance, the award for high-level events or a group or individuals.

Level of the Award Recipients

When giving awards to sports winners, they are differentiated by several ranks. There is always a first, second, and third Winner. Custom race medal sizes should define the level of each recipient. For instance, the first rank recipient can get a heavier medal, etc.

Design, Artwork, and Other Custom Prerequisites

When choosing a medal, you should check its artwork creativity, engraving designs, and other things boosting its standard or appearance. Artistic awards can entice some clients because they have a creative mind; hence they check out the ones with drawings, graphics, etc.
As a customer, you can explain your requirements before the custom running medals are customized, and that’s how you can get value for money. All you should do is provide the supplier with the requirements, whether its formats, show some sample images, etc.

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There are other considerations like the service delivery, cost-effectiveness, and safety of the delivery. These considerations are essential, especially when you want to ship your custom race medals from different countries.
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