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5 Benefits of Custom Bottle Openers for Bartenders

Wanna know something more interesting to attract your customers? The answer is non-other than custom bottle openers. For all the bartenders out there custom bottle openers are not something new at all. However, did you know that you can use the same bottle openers to entice more consumers into your business? The answer is yes. Well, at first it may sound a bit difficult to believe. So, what more to expect from these tiny and simple bottle openers?

You can use these as promotional product giveaways as these are affordable. According to studies, customers tend to keep promotional products for nearly 8 months. This would be worthy to give a go as people often tend to overlook the advertisements or websites that they encountered. After all, giving a personalized bottle opener will make the positive first impression you desire. Just the sight of them will make them crave more to attract more potential customers. If you take a look at google, you may have seen that there are different designs of bottle openers available. Not only it has a pleasing appearance but there are also far more unbelievable benefits that you will gain once you invest in customer bottle openers. Now let us cut to the chase and find out what makes these custom bottle openers ideal for all the bartenders out there to thrive in their business.

What is in it for me?

Image for custom bottle opener As you may know, people go crazy over promotional products. For instance, according to studies, nearly all households consist of an average of 30% of promotional products. Well, as you can see even if you end up using these custom bottle openers, they won’t end up in vain. Do not be excited as the best part is yet to come.

Not to mention, that there is a high chance to swap these bottle openers possibly including your non-customers. This means that not only your promotional product will be a memento, but it will also pass along to more people down the road. In short, eventually, your business will get more exposure when you use these bottle openers as a marketing strategy.

5 must-see benefits of custom bottle openers

1. Increase brand exposure

Surely, no one could resist these alluring custom bottle openers for much longer. As these are personalized and unique your customers will fall in love with them. The best part is that you can customize them into any size, with any design. Well, to make things more interesting, you can add a little twist and perhaps add more function to your bottle openers. After all, promotional products are a good strategy to showcase your business to a larger crowd. So, you can them to advertise your brand in a cost-effective way. In addition, using bottle openers would be effective to surpass your opponents while increasing your sales at the same time.

2. Much cheaper

Image of a beverage with a bottle opener Along with increasing your brand value and exposure, you have to consider the financial circumstance of your business. After all, most marketing strategies required to spent nearly a fortune and still we cannot estimate whether it would be fruitful or not. However, when it comes to promotional products, you got nothing to lose, as they are way cheaper than you would expect. All you have to do is to find a supplier and get the bottle openers in bulk. However, you may have to pay a little more extra for customizing each batch of bottle openers. Still, as these are affordable, you can move forward with your budget without blowing your marketing plan.

3. Entice the customers

One of the primary reasons to use promotional products is to attract more customers to your business. However, if they won’t hook up, it means your plan has met a hiatus. Rest assured, as it won’t be the same with custom bottle openers. However, make sure to pay a lot of attention to quality and tiny details to make your promotional giveaway nearly perfect without any flaws. After all, your customers do not want a low-quality product that no one will find useful. So, make sure to consider the functionality and quality of the material when you are purchasing the product.

4. Ideal for gifting

Image of a group of people gathering in the office

Having to search for a bottle opener can be a nuisance for most people. Well, in that case, receiving such a promotional gift won’t let your customers down. However, do not forget to inform your clients about the promotional giveaway of gifts beforehand. Well, according to studies, 90% of consumers want to know about promotional products ahead of time. Make sure to print your logo and an eye-catchy design so the bottle openers that you choose will be constantly on top of your customer’s minds. Plus, you can also attach a keychain to the custom bottle openers so they won’t lose it anytime soon.

5. A way of sustainability

Did you know these custom bottle openers are sustainable? Well, the answer is yes. These bottle openers do not require many resources to manufacture in the first place. Moreover, in the manufacturing process, the materials are often sturdy, which makes them ideal for product longevity. In other words, there is less chance that your customers will discard them and they will use for all year-around. So, even after constantly using the bottle openers, it will take nearly forever to see any visible sign of damage. Thus, using custom bottle openers sounds ideal not only for customers but also for bartenders in your business.

Parting Thoughts!

To sum it up, there are far more benefits that you can look forward to experiencing once you choose the custom bottle openers for your business. However, to get the very best custom bottle openers in your hand, make sure to get them from a renowned bottle opener supplier. This will make sure that the money you spent on won’t be in vain. Instead, you will have quality-ensured and durable products that you can recommend which will eventually help you to boost your business.

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